Mar 11 2008


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You have found The Prosperity Tool Chest. This is no accident. You were meant to learn about this marvelous tool chest containing the keys to the vault that holds the road map with the direct route to manifesting all you dream and desire.

You do not need a complex navigation system and you do not need a special guide. The Prosperity Tool Chest has been designed for anyone who is serious, no not just serious, but committed, to transforming their lives to a state of happiness, joy, peace, vibrant health, wonderful relationships and freedom from worry.

Do You…

Feel stuck?
Feel at odds with a relationship?
Feeling you need a new project, job, city, church?
Feel desirous of change?
Feel any disappointment is just another trip into the past? Feel you could be more energetic, stronger, healthier, happier, more calm, more content?
Feel you can be achieving more at work and financial success?
Feel there is more to life?

The Prosperity Tool Chest

In business consulting I always establish the goal of the project. It is clearly defined, measurable and always in our sights as we move forward to improved performance. In order for you to manifest your dreams and desires, there must be a clear definition of your dreams and desires. Your first step is to identify a notebook, journal, three ring binder, anything that works for you and that you feel good about. This becomes your guidance system for your journey of life in the physical plane.

Don’t worry about the paper. It is likely to change over time and you will eventually run out of room and need another notebook. Like many people and you may be one of them, my life is filled with navigating this earth. Some activities are basic requirements like eating and others are by choice. The action of preparing your Prosperity Tool Chest can be done in about 10 minutes a day. Of course you can spend more time if you so desire but it is not required. This will become clear to you as you are guided through this process.

In March 2008 this site is new and is evolving. In order to appreciate the importance of this process, it is vital you subscribe (it’s FREE) to the updates at The Prosperity Now Program Click Here Now. That is where you will receive the insight as to how The Prosperity Tool Chest is so powerful in guiding you to manifesting all you dream and desire.


The Prosperity Tool Chest will transform your life in ways you cannot even imagine today. However, since most of us have been programmed to believe feeling stress, anger, frustration, guilt and all of the other negative emotions are natural, shifting to our true consciousness often takes some time. How much? That is entirely up to each individual.

Is this worth the effort? Ask yourself if the plan you have been on up to this point has been working very well for you in all areas of your life? If not, (and my plan definitely was not working for me) then now is the time to try The Prosperity Now Program and use the amazing Prosperity Tool Chest.

Namaste: The essence of God in every part of me, recognizes and honors the essence of God in every part of you and all.

Your Prosperity Messenger

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